TechEd NA 2014 – Speaker Idol Qualification

Today I took part in one of the qualification heats of Speaker Idol – think X Factor or American/Pop Idol where you have 5 minutes to audition with a presentation, some judges comment, and you either get through to the final or not. There were 3 heats (Monday to Wednesday), each heat winner goes through, and one wildcard goes through to the final. The overall winner wins a speaker slot at TechEd North America next year.

I competed with a … different presentation.

The funny bit is that I knew that Mark Minasi (a friend) is one of the judges. I didn’t win but I got great comments. I was nervous … but I got the wildcard slot for the final tomorrow (Thursday). I was told to do a tech talk tomorrow – that will keep me occupied tonight. Tomorrow at 12:30 CET (18:30 Irish/UK time) will be be there presenting.

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