A Toshiba Z10t “Convertible Ultrabook” (Pro Tablet) Just Landed On My Desk

Look what just arrived:


This is an Intel Core i5 processor powered Toshiba Z10t “tablet”, just like the Surface Pro is.  It docks into a clamshell rigid keyboard (no extra battery)


Look Pa, no hands:


And I don’t need to stand 6 foot 5 tall to get the thing to sit on my lap.  Yes, like all the pro tablets, it’s top heavy so it really needs a hand on the keyboard … but that’s where they coincidentally sit when I’m, you know, typing!

Toshiba don’t call this device a tablet.  I think that’s clever.  Say “tablet” to someone and they think $500 or less.  Put an i5, business level build, and a keyboard into a device and you’re talking $1000+.  That’s a big $500 (or more) psychological barrier to get over!

The tablet has a full-sized SD slot (handy for cameras) and USB 3.0 port.  The keyboard adds a USB 2.0 port, a full size HDMI port (they sit better than micro-HDMI), VGA (really needed for presenting at public venues), and RJ45.  It’s that last one that caught my eye when I played with one of these a while ago … that RJ45 means PXE BOOT!  And that means enterprise admin can deploy their Windows 8.1 Enterprise images to this machine using the network based tools that they are using for all other PC types.  This model that we got came with a digitizer stylus.  I find the stylus really useful for OneNote (drawing diagrams) and for using with the Isoboard app to white board via the projector (connected 99.9999% of the time via a VGA cable).

It came with Windows 8 Pro, so I’m upgrading it to Windows 8.1 Pro for demo purposes.

I reckon this is a good business offering for those looking for a hybrid tablet/laptop solution.  In my opinion, the true “lapability” of these device trounces the non-existence of this feature on Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2.

Hopefully I’ll get some time on this machine over the coming weeks/months so I can talk more about it.

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