KB2886362 – New Update Rollup For DPM 2012 SP1 If Backing Up Hyper-V VMs

Microsoft released a fix for System Center 2012 SP1 – Data Protection Manager for an issue where DPM consumes too much space to track changes of Hyper-V VMs stored on CSVs:

DPM has express full technology where DPM tracks the changes via DPM filter driver and the changed block information are tracked as bitmap and is stored in bitmap files. In some scenarios, DPM bitmap files are becoming very big leading to higher CSV volume consumption. This issue is fixed in DPM filter and effects only VM protection scenarios. This fix is done on the DPM filter driver running on the production server.

Please note: It is advised to apply this update only if you are backing up Hyper-V VMs. This upgrade will lead to CC on all data sources that are effected by this particular DPM servers.

This update appears to be called Update Rollup 3.6 and is available via Windows Update.  My advice is:

  • Let some other sucker test this update rollup for Microsoft.  Don’t be the fool who installs this and has to go to the TechNet Forums for help because it breaks something.  Wait one month; if all is well, then consider installing the update.
  • Only rush the install of this update if you are suffering badly from the above problem.