KB2872325 – VMs On WS2012 Hyper-V May Not Be Able To Create Or Join Guest Cluster

A new KB article from Microsoft appeared today for when guest cluster nodes in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V may not be able to create or join a cluster.


If using the “Create Cluster Wizard” the cluster may fail to create. Additionally, the report from the wizard may have the following message:

An error occurred while creating the cluster.
An error occurred creating cluster ‘<clustername>’.
This Operation returned because the timeout period expired

Note: The above errors can also be seen anytime that communications between the servers that are specified to be part of the cluster creation do not complete. A known cause is described in this article.
In some scenarios, the cluster nodes are successfully created and joined if the VMs are hosted on the same node, but once the VMs are moved to different nodes the communications between the nodes of the guest cluster starts to fail. Therefore the nodes of the cluster may be removed from the cluster.


This can occur due to packets not reaching to the virtual machines when the VMs are hosted on Windows Server 2012 failover cluster nodes, due to a failover cluster component that is bound to the network adapters of the hosts.  The component is called the “Microsoft Failover Cluster Virtual Adapter Performance Filter” and it was first introduced in Windows Server 2012.

The problem only effects the network packets addressed to cluster nodes hosted in virtual machines.


It is recommended that if the Windows Sever 2012 failover cluster is going to host virtual machines that are part of guest clusters, you should unbind the “Microsoft Failover Cluster Virtual Adapter Performance Filter” object from all of the virtual switch network adapters on the Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster nodes.

Instructions for the workaround (GUI and PowerShell options) are in the KB article.

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