Forcefully Removing a VM From VMM 2012

I was on a customer site and was asked to help remove a virtual machine from VMM that had failed to V2V correctly from vSphere.  VMM locks the VM in a V2V state and won’t let you repair/undo/anything to the VM.  Not very helpful!

Any attempt to delete the VM was met with the following failure in Jobs:

Error (2604)
Database operation failed.

Recommended Action
Ensure that the SQL Server is running and configured correctly, and try the operation again.

First, I verified that I was targeting the correct VM … don’t want to accidentally delete the source VM from vSphere before a correct V2V:

Get-SCVirtualMachine | where { $_.Name -EQ "Bad-V2V-VM"} | fl name, status

Name   : Bad-V2V-VM
Status : V2VCreationFailed

Next up I took the above code and replaced the FL cmdlet with Remove-SCVirtualMachine, and forced the removal to complete:

Get-SCVirtualMachine | where { $_.Name -EQ "Bad-V2V-VM"} | Remove-SCVirtualMachine –Force

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  1. Both the VM is having the same name except one is running and another is UnsupportedCluster. This is due to the shared storage was corrupted and replaced.

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