Best Practices for Virtualizing & Managing SQL Server On Hyper-V

This Microsoft-written guide provides high-level best practices and considerations for deploying and managing SQL Server 2012 on a Microsoft virtualization infrastructure. The recommendations and guidance in this document aim to:

  • Complement the architectural design of an organization’s specific environment.
  • Help organizations take advantage of the key platform features in SQL Server 2012 to deliver the highest levels of performance and availability.

There are lots of tips, requirements, and recommendations, such as this one for SQL Server VMs that are replicated using Hyper-V Replica.  Yes, Hyper-V Replica is supported by SQL Server – ya hear that Exchange!?!?!


The setting in question can be found here and can be enabled when modifying the replication of a VM using PowerShell.  It:

Determines whether all virtual hard disks selected for replication are replicated to the same point in time. This is useful if the virtual machine runs an application that saves data across virtual hard disks (for example, one virtual hard disk dedicated for application data, and another virtual hard disk dedicated for application log files).

Long story short: it maintains consistency of an application across disks.

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