Remote Desktop Settings For A Hyper-V VM

You are prompted for your connection settings when you first connect to a virtual machine using Enhanced Session Mode on WS2012 R2 (Windows Server 2012 R2) Hyper-V.  The below dialog will appear.  You can configure:

  • The screen resolution of the VM connection
  • Whether or not it should use more than one of your PCs monitors
  • If it should save the settings for future usage, so you’re not prompted (this requires you to Show Options.


If you do expand Show Options then you get some other … options.  You can configure:

  • How remote audio in the VM is redirected to your PC
  • How local devices are mapped to your VM, including any USB devices (via RemoteFX USB redirection)



And no, you do not need to enable any RemoteFX stuff or Remote Desktop policies in your VM.  This all works via the Integration Components (via the VMBus).  You just need to enable Enhanced Session Mode in the host settings of the VM’s host.

You can change the Enhance Session Mode settings for a specifiby:

  • Closing any open connection you might have to the VM
  • Right-click on the VM in Hyper-V Manager, and select Edit Session Settings

This will open the above dialog so you can change the settings.  You appear to need to Connect to save the changed settings (at least in the Preview release).

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