A Snapshot Is Now A Checkpoint

I’ve previously blogged about the Confusion Over Hyper-V and “Snapshots”.  Well, Microsoft listened to the feedback.  A snapshot is now called … a checkpoint.  The benefits of this name change:

  1. It matches VMM
  2. This should end the confusion with VSS snapshots and SAN snapshots … and hopefully stop people from thinking that a Checkpoint is for backup …. IT IS NOT A BACKUP MECHANISM!  (Yes, there are people who think this).


There is a PowerShell cmdlet called Checkpoint-VM to create a checkpoint … the thinking in the Hyper-V team in WS2012 was that you checkpointed a VM.  I can’t say I agreed with that thought process Smile  There are other PowerShell cmdlets too:


They still use the term “snapshot”.  I don’t know if that will be changed or aliases will be used (for script backwards compatibility).  I hope something is done to keep things consistent but I doubt there’s much time left for anything to be done in the R2 release.

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2 Replies to “A Snapshot Is Now A Checkpoint”

  1. It looks like 2012 R2 is cleaning up lots of little quirks this one included. Hyper V replica and cluster updating are now part of SCVMM 2012 R2…which is huge since you had to go out of SCVMM to use these features.

    Now if we could only have mixed clusters (2012 and 2012 R2) It would make updating to a new version about 100% easier.

    Also I would love to click and highlight 50 VM’s that are running and have them install the latest VM additions during a maintenance window. I get they would reboot and what not, but they way we have to do it now is tedious in a big way.

  2. That is good news and lets hope the PowerShell Cmdlets get tidied up. Larry makes and interesting point and I agree, mass edits to VM settings is increasingly important as our consolidation ratios go up. I know PowerShell is the current answer but sometimes I think some delegated ability in GUI would be beneficial.

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