Adding A DVD Drive To A Generation 2 Virtual Machine

By default, Gen2 VMs do not have a DVD drive so you cannot manually install an OS from an ISO file.  It is envisaged that you’re going to either use PXE (which is supported by a Gen2 synthetic NIC) or use a generalized VHDX file.

You can add a DVD drive by:

  1. Editing the settings of the Gen2 VM
  2. Browse to the SCSI controller
  3. Select DVD Drive from the options on the right
  4. Click Add


Now you have a DVD drive that can mount an ISO file.

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5 Replies to “Adding A DVD Drive To A Generation 2 Virtual Machine”

  1. Thank You!! This has been bugging me for a while, so I kept using gen 1, but now I am ready for production level teting of server 2012 R2 VM and I absolutely need generation 2! Much thanks!

  2. Fabian, this bit me as well… The answer is… Don’t Set… Add!
    Add-VMDvdDrive $Your_VM | Set-VMDvdDrive -VMName $Your_VM -Path $Path_to_ISO

  3. Hi I do not have the option to add the dvd. I only have the option of a HDD. Can you help. I am trying to attach a boot disc (dvd) to a Win7 machine.

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