Windows Azure Powered By Hyper-V

I was just reading MMS 2013 Labs: Powered by Microsoft/HP Private Cloud by Jeff Woolsey (senior Hyper-V program manager in MSFT) and I saw this hidden away at the end:

Finally, I’ve been talking about Windows Server and System Center as part of our Microsoft Private Cloud Solution. I’d also like to point out that Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V is the same rock-solid, high performing and scalable hypervisor we use to power Windows Azure too.

Read that again.

That’s right. Windows Azure is powered by Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.

Yes, Hyper-V is the virtualization layer in Windows Azure.  Imagine all those servers, powering Windows and Linux VMs, in a huge and mission critical environment.  To the jokers out there:

  • Does VMware power a cloud of that size?
  • Does Amazon’s custom Xen have that level of uptime (Virginia anyone?  Would Netflix care to respond?)

Yeah, try your “Hyper-V isn’t scalable”, “Hyper-V isn’t enterprise ready”, or “Hyper-V isn’t stable” arguments now!

How ‘bout them Cloud OS apples?

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