Hyper-V PowerShell Script Cookbook on TechNet Wiki

If you’ve heard me speak on Windows Server 2012 or Hyper-V recently, then you know that:

  • I did not really do any PowerShell before March of 2012
  • I started then to solve small problems
  • I’m a total convert to the ways of PowerShell because it speeds up work, gives me predictable results (minus my typos), and saves me from those repetitive tasks

Not only will you find PowerShell all over Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Installation And Configuration Guide, but you’ll find that a new valuable resource has appeared on the TechNet Wiki.  There you will find the “Hyper-V PowerShell Script Cookbook”.

The goal of this site is to shared PowerShell snippets and scripts.  Right now, the categories include:

  • Virtual Machine
  • Virtual Hard Disk
  • Network Virtualization
  • Virtual Switch
  • Additional scripts

As all good scripters know, you first start by searching, then copying/pasting, and then modifying to get the results you want.  Why not start here … and then contribute any new stuff you create!?!?!

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