You Have 365 Days To Replace Windows XP

Microsoft will end all support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014, which is one year from today.  Right now, it is in what is called extended support, the period during which you can call to get help and download security fixes.  In one year, all bets are off.  You are on your own.  No more support from Microsoft.  No more security fixes.  And logically from that, no more support from anyone else, e.g. antivirus, backup, etc.  Your apps that rely on IE 6.0 are a security risk to your company.



I’ve emphasized that for those people who get their IT advice from the voices in their heads and the drunk in the corner pub – you know who you are!

I really couldn’t give a flying f**k about excuses so don’t bother posting them.  Harsh?  I don’t think so.  I’m tired of the race to mediocrity in the IT business and would love to see a cleanout when things blow up and people get fired.  This deadline should be no surprise.  Microsoft has emphasised it every time they’ve talked about desktop operating systems since the release of Windows Vista.  You now have 365 days to start replacing your business applications that rely on IE 6.0, dump the 12 year old desktop OS, and join the rest of us in this decade.

I bet the ticking of that clock sounds oppressively loud now?  I bet you are wising you had started planning 2 years ago?  Maybe even 1 year ago?

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3 thoughts on “You Have 365 Days To Replace Windows XP”

  1. As Exchange admin for MSP, you know what else ends in 365 days? Exchange 2003 support.

    We still have about 30% of desktops we monitor running XP and about 20 Exchange 2003 servers.

  2. I agree. XP should have been dead years ago. I still have guys on my staff that swear by it. Partly for fun and partly because I feel my staff should be using the latest release I have two news guys starting and their machines will be Windows 8 and their phones will be Windows Phone 8.

    It will be interesting to see the reaction of these new guys.

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