Adding Cluster To VMM Results in 13805 Error

This relates to when you attempt to add a Hyper-V cluster to VMM and it fails with this message:

Unable to contact cluster service on <name of cluster>

There is a whole bunch of stuff you can try:

  • Verify that the cluster object exists in a local replica of AD
  • A bunch of WMI crap

Instead, why not start simple at a place where AD admins always check first: DNS – verify that the A record in DNS for the cluster is correct.  In my lab I’ve been building my cluster by hand (PowerShell where I control the cluster IP) and by VMM (where I get assigned some IP from the IP pool for the network site).

I was not cleaning up the A record after rebuilds.  My last cluster build was done from a script and used a different IP that I was assigning.  I didn’t notice that the A record was not updated; I guess it was a permissions thing.

I attempted to add the cluster to VMM and I got the above error.  After some thought, I decided to check name resolution and that’s when I saw the issue.  I corrected the A record, flushed the DNS cache on the DNS server and the VMM server, reattempted the cluster add, and it worked OK.

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