Dell Releases vOPS Server Explorer 6.3 For Hyper-V and VMware – And There Is A Free Version

Last week, I (and a few others) was lucky to be offered a demonstration of vOPS Server Explorer 6.3, a product of vKernel (now a part of Dell).  This product, launched today, adds to the management functionality of System Center or vCenter.  vOPS Server Explorer also supports Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

What I saw was a very interesting intelligence system.  It gathered data from your management system, combined it, analysed it, and gave you a better view of how your infrastructure is operating, resources, are being used, and virtual machines are performing.  You’ll also find very nice features such as Zombie VMs (to control VM sprawl – maybe relocate them to the VMM Library and delete at a later point), and Rightsizing Savings (over allocating resources to VMs is costly in resources and can actually reduce overall host performance).

There is a free version which will alert you to issues.  If you “upgrade” it to a trial of the paid-for version then you can use vOPS Server Explorer to fix the issues.  You get a time-limited trial, which you can pay for to complete the upgrade or downgrade again to the free product.

One of the features which I think larger or change-controlled organisations will like was the change log (Change Explorer).  Configuration changes are tracked and associated with the person responsible.  And there’s an undo option!


You can learn more about the release here and download it here.  The release information site includes a bunch of youtube videos with demonstrations of vOPS Server Explorer in action.  The installation and configuration guide is here.

Installation is easy: vOPS Server Explorer is delivered as a virtual machine, and the guide will walk you through getting it running.

Note that the Hyper-V requirements are:

  • Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 and Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2
    Systems Center Operations Manager 2012 and Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager

Java 1.6 or higher is required.

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