Log Into And Use 2 Lync Accounts At Once

I have two Lync online accounts:

  • My personal one
  • And my work one

Both run through Office 365, and I wanted to have them both running.  Doing this with Live Messenger was possible using 3rd party clients, but I’ve not seen such a client for Lync. 

How to do it?  Well, there’s a few ways to run Lync clients, and they can all run in parallel:

  1. Install the desktop client – this is the best user experience and should be used for the account that is most important (presence and chat)
  2. Log into Lync via the OWA interface in the O365 portal … it’s basic but it allows people to talk to you
  3. Install the Windows Store Lync app on Windows 8 – it’s not as good as the desktop client but it works

At work, I use the full desktop client and the Windows Store App.  Both can be running at the same time, and logged in with different user accounts.  Sorted!

Now if only we had a desktop client that supported dual accounts ….

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5 thoughts on “Log Into And Use 2 Lync Accounts At Once”

  1. I think it is ridiculous that Microsoft does not have this set up already! If they want as many users as possible to use Lync and Office365.com they obviously need to get with the program and allow a user to sign into MULTIPLE domains or multiple Lync accounts at the same time!

    Unfortunately for me I do not have a Windows 8 environment, and I really use the Lync features that the OWA plug-in interface does not support…! Currently I have to virtualize an entire OS just to run a second copy of Lync.

    1. How do you install a 32-bit and 64-bit Office app side-by-side without the dreaded “You have some miniscule portion of 32/64-bit office installed, thus your screwed’ warning from Microsoft?

      In other words – you’d have to do some serious resource hacking to get the two on the same box – at least in my experience – No formal answers given. 🙂

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