Hyper-V Manager Windows Store App

I was checking my feeds and saw a story on Sandy Berkouwer’s blog called “Embracing the new Windows 8 Interface with these Three Free IT Pro Apps”.  The second app was a Hyper-V Manager, available in the Windows Store, and designed to run in the new Windows UI, on Windows 8 and Windows RT (including Surface et al). 

The app is not published by Microsoft.  It is by CompuGeek Software.  The app is free and is in the Windows Store.  It gives you basic functionality:

  • Start, pause, and save virtual machines
  • View screenshots of virtual machines
  • View server status and amount of memory free
  • Support for multiple servers
  • Support for Active Directory domains



There is no connect window for KVM access to the VM.  It is a very basic management/monitoring app.  The app requires that you install a service on the Hyper-V Manager.

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