Windows 8 for Business Licensing Guides, Including Windows To Go, App Sideloading, BYOD, and VDI

I have found 3 guides to (try) help you understand how to Windows (including Windows 8 and older versions via downgrade rights) for desktops, companion devices, and VDI via volume licensing in the business:

I actually was going to try write a longer post detailing lots of the details of Windows 8 licensing butitseemslikepunctuationandwritingunderstandableEnglishhavefallenoutoffavourinRedmondThelanguagein






That’s my own, personal, non-work-related opinion on that.

Some interesting bits:

  • If you want to dual boot a PC, then you need to cover it with Software Assurance (SA)
  • SA also gives you rights to 4 VMs on the licensed Windows 8 machine.  That’s not new; I remember it from way, way back from when I first started blogging.
  • OEM licensing can only downgrade to Windows 7 (except Ultimate) or Windows Vista.  You need a volume license upgrade to downgrade to XP.
  • You need to look at Companion Subscription Licensing (CSL – available to buy for PCs covered by VL upgrade with SA) if you’re looking at Windows To Go or VDI from additional (non primary) devices such as tablets or smartphones.

This stuff is complex.  Please consult with your LAR (if you are buying Select/Enterprise Agreement), reseller (if you are buying Open/OV/OVS) or distributor (if you are reselling Open/OV/OVS) if this stuff is unclear (which it will be if you are not an aforementioned constitutional lawyer).

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