First Few Days Of Using Windows 8 At Work

Most people are wondering what the Windows 8 work experience will be like.  I rebuilt the PC at work with Windows 8 last week and here are my thoughts:

I am rarely in the UI formerly known as Metro.  The tools I use most are Word, Excel, Outlook, an RSS reader, MetroTwit (desktop), Lync, and MSTSC.  I have got some Metro apps installed but not nearly as many as I do on my slate PC at home.  Conversely, I am almost always in Metro when using the slate PC at home where what I want to do and how I want to do it are very different things.

I have pinned everything I normally used on the task bar.  I only had the regular stuff pinned on Windows 7.  This compensates for the lack of a Start Menu. 

I’ve had no compatibility issues but I don’t do anything exotic with my PCs.

I am using the PC (HP 8200 tower) with a Microsoft touch mouse and a normal HP keyboard.  I’m used to the new UI and where to move the mouse.  To be honest, the traditional key sequences do most of what I need to flip between things.  It’s been a non-disruptive move for me.

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7 thoughts on “First Few Days Of Using Windows 8 At Work”

  1. I find myself using Windows 8 the same exact way. Work laptop, I’m in the desktop 99% of the time and only use the Windows 8 UI apps to glance at basic info. And with my Acer W500, I’m only using the new UI.

  2. I’m using it the same way too. I’ve been using the CP & RP versions, so it’s not too much of a change.
    One major drawback it the lack of RSAT tools for Win8RTM. The CP/RP RSAT tools don’t work, and from what I’ve found they’re not planning to release them until GA in September.

    I find it hard to believe there’s too much for them to change from the RP version, and the very people who use RSAT tools are those likely to have Win8 under Technet / Volume licencing.
    Oh well, I’ll have to console myself with a sub-10 second bootup!

  3. Same here as well.

    However a problem I am having is that once I joined my new Win8 Enterprise machine to the domain I cannot access the store and none of my tiles will work.

    Made sure my account isn’t a domain admin and also that UAC is enabled.

    I’m stumped

      1. I’ve investigated GPO already, I actually dropped it in an OU with inheritance blocked and the only one being applied is the default domain policy.

        I’ll check out the proxy servers link, thx

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