New EBook by Mark Russinovich

Another gem turned up on my Amazon suggestions a while back and I got a notification overnight that my Kindle reader was updated:


Operation Desolation: The Case of the Anonymous Bank Defacement is a new 64 pages ebook by Mark Russinovich available on for the Kindle. The price is $0.99.  It’s showing as pre-order but I got a delivery notification last night. The books is described as:

A thought-provoking new story from the acclaimed author of Zero Day. Challenging Anonymous is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. But the CEO of a major investment firm has done just that, and now cyber security expert Jeff Aiken has to try to protect the company from its leader’s mistakes. The timing couldn’t be worse, as Jeff is scheduled to appear at a conference that has invited an Anonymous representative as well. And Jeff’s about to discover that the hacker outfit plans to bring their fight offline–and into the real world.

Kind of interesting (accidental) timing considering the morons who made headlines last week for trademarking the Anonymous logo and slogan in France.

Note that there is another Russinovich full length novel coming soon called Trojan Horse: A Novel.

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