WPC Is In Toronto Next Week

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is in Toronto next week.  I won’t be going; it’s more important for networking and sales folks.  But there are a few reasons that it is of interest to me.

  • Keynotes: Last year we got some snippets such as the early announcements on Hyper-V replica and the then scalability figures.  On Monday it is Steve Ballmer headlining and it looks like we’re getting cloud-cloud-cloud.  On Tuesday … I really can’t figure out a theme other than cloud-cloud-cloud.  On Wednesday it is the Microsoft Partner Network – maybe the website has been burned to the ground?  Kevin Turner will also be talking compete on Wednesday.  Some hippie will also be smoothing your chakras – incense optional.
  • No SBS 2012: A lot of Irish MSFT partners specialise in the SBS space so I want to hear what they thing of the move to Windows Server 2012 Essentials.
  • What’s the plan for Windows 8/Server 2012: What will MSFT be telling partners about the enterprise and retail spaces?
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