I Sold My iPad Today

I found myself using my iPad really only for two things:

  • Reading – but I since bought a more convenient smaller Kindle that I could read in a wildlife photography hide without scaring off the subject
  • Watching a little bit of TV when I went to bed

The reason I bought it originally was to have lots of battery life at conferences.  But I couldn’t type with it.  The screen keyboard is OK but not fast enough.  The attachable keyboards weren’t rigid and you never have a desk at these events.  So I ended up buying an Ultrabook.

So my iPad became dispensable.  Even though it was an iPad 1, there were no shortage of buyers.  And I didn’t even have to advertise it.  So it’s not like I’m claiming it’s a dead platform or anything.

So what’s my future on the device front?  In my personal lab, it’s a bunch of tower PCs.  That’s tied up for a while with work. 

My Ultrabook is going strong.  It’ll stay on Windows 7 until Windows 8 RTM, and maybe later depending on my work schedule.  My work laptop (the Beast) is already running Windows 8 so I can have a mobile Hyper-V base for demos.

My “tablet” for now is the Build slate, a revved up version of the Samsung slate that you can buy in retail at the moment.  The Release Preview is running nicely on there.  It’s not ideal – it runs hot and the battery life is poor for a tablet style device.  Maybe I’ll sell it later in the year before I get a Windows 8 device.  Or maybe I’ll sell it as a collectible on Pawn Stars Smile

I will look at design-for-Windows 8 devices later in the year.  I work for a Sony and Toshiba distributor so obviously I’ll look at what they have coming.  I haven’t seen anything about Sony’s plans in that space yet.  Toshiba have an interesting slider in the but I’d want to try it out.  I’m not sure about it as a machine for your lap.

The Asus Transformer goes a more portable route.  It’s a laptop and a tablet with an i7 CPU.  I like that as an iPad and Ultrabook replacement. 

The one making the headlines is the Microsoft Surface.  The problem is … what do I want?  If I want a tablet, then either the Pro or the RT would suffice.  The Pro would be great for things like Photoshop and be dock-able as a normal PC.  But I can’t let myself fall into the same trap as I did with the iPad.  That keyboard isn’t rigid – so it will suck at conferences and events, constantly flopping.

I don’t know.  That’s why I will wait and see.

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