TechEd Europe 2012 Day 1 Keynote Notes #TEE12

Great that TechEd is back in Amsterdam.  I wish I was there.  Berlin is a nice city, but the Messe is a hole.

Brad Anderson

Mentions the Yammer acquisition, Windows Phone 8, and the new Surface tablets.  He’s talking about change.  Is it chaos or is it opportunity?  Pitching the positive spin of innovation in change.

Think of storage, compute, and network as one entity, manage it as such.  In other words: Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012, and Azure are integration into a single solution – you pick and choose the ingredients that you want in the meal.

Patrick Lownds has tweeted a great word: convergence.  This is beyond hybrid cloud; this is converged clouds.

Design with the knowledge that failures happen.  That’s how you get uptime and continuous availability of the service.  Automation of process allows scalability.

Hyper-V: “no workload that you cannot virtualise and run on Hyper-V”.  We’re allegedly going to see the largest every publicly demonstrated virtual machine.

Jeff Woolsey

The energetic principal PM for Windows Server virtualisation.  “Extend to the cloud on your terms”.  Targeted workloads that were not virtualisable.  Dozens of cores.  Hundreds of MB RAM.  Massive IOPS requirements.  This demo (40 SSDs) is same as 10 full sized fully populated racks of traditional SAN disk.  MSFT using SSD in this demo.  VMware: up to 300,000 IOPS.  Hyper-V now beats what it did in TechEd USA: Over 1,000,000 (1 million) IOPS from a Hyper-V VM.


Now we see the Cisco Nexus 1000v Hyper-V Switch extension (not a switch replacement like in VMware).  Shows off easy QoS policy deployment.

PowerShell:  Over 2400 cmdlets in WS2012.  Now we’re going to see Hyper-V Replica management via System Center 2012 Orchestrator.  A Site Migration runbook.  It verifies source/destination, and then it brings up the VMs in the target location in the order defined by the runbook.  And we see lots of VMs power up.

Once again, we see System Center 2012 App Controller integrating with a “hosting company” and enabling additional VM hosting capacity beyond the private cloud.

I”m wrapping up here … looks like the keynote is mostly the same as the USA one (fine for 99% of the audience who aren’t hooked to their Twitter/RSS like myself) and I have to head to work.

This keynote recording will be available on Channel 9, and the USA one is already there.  Enjoy!

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