Renaming Cluster Networks In Windows Server 2012

When I’m building a Hyper-V cluster, I like to rename the networks so I know what is what when tuning them.  I’ve previously given you a script to configure a converged fabric host and the code to build a cluster.  Instead of manually renaming the networks, you can do this:

(Get-ClusterNetwork | where-object {$_.Address -eq ""}).Name = "vEthernet (Host-LiveMigration)"

This cmdlet will find the network you want to rename by querying for it’s IP address.  In this case, find the network  I know this will be my migration network.  Using the object oriented nature of PowerShell (everything is either an object or a method, and objects have attributes), I grab the Name of the resulting network and set it to "vEthernet (Host-LiveMigration)".

The cluster network is then renamed from the anonymous Cluster Network X to a more useful and human friendly name, which is also the name I’m using on my converged fabric virtual NICs.


Just repeat this for each network in your script and you’ll have automated yet another step in the cluster creation process.

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