Windows Server 2012 UK Events Reminder – Come See What’s In The Release Candidate

Here’s quick reminder of the WS2012 Rocks events that are being run in a week’s time in the UK.  Myself and Alex Juschin (MVP) are presenting on Windows Server 2012 in a 4 hour event in Edinburgh (June 15th) and London (June 14th). 

Alex will be presenting on Windows Server management and the impressive advanced in RDS.  Seriously … would you like to deploy a VDI solution in a few mouse clicks?  Then you gotta attend.

I’ll be presenting on the advances in networking, with some storage thrown in for good measure … it’s hard to separate the two.  And then I cover Hyper-V … and you seriously will want to see the demo I have lined up for the UK to wrap up my sessions.  The Dublin demo was cool, but this one is way beyond what I did a few weeks ago.

This is, in my opinion, the biggest and most important release of Windows Server since 2000 … maybe even ever.  That’s not just hyperbole, as you can see by the list of virtualisation features alone.  Don’t get left behind.  Come to the event, see why we’re so excited, and get your career ahead of the pack.

For those of you in the UK, please feel free to spread the word of these events.  By the way London, Edinburgh is way ahead of you in registrations.  Are you really going to let that happen? Smile with tongue out

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