I Could Put An Entire Bank’s Systems On A Single WS2012 Hyper-V Host

I designed and managed the MSFT network for an international bank between 2003 and 2005.  At the end, we had 170 or so physical servers, with an average spec of 4 cores and 4 GB RAM.  Thanks to MOM 2005, I knew the average CPU utilisation was around 12% … perfect for virtualisation. 

Assuming that workload trebled over the years (and it wouldn’t have), that would be:

  • 2040 Cores at 12 %, giving us 244 logical processors requires (not very scientific but you get the gist), and that’s not accounting for increased horsepower in newer processors. 
  • 2040 GB RAM, which is half of the max of 4 TB in a host, without using Dynamic Memory.
  • 510 VMs

It’s amazing to think that all of this could run on a single Windows Server 2012 RC Hyper-V host.

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  1. I would recommend this HP DL980 G7 with 8x Intel E7-4870 for 160 logical processors with HT and 128x32GB = 4TB RAM capability.

      • I do wonder what such a server would cost realistically.

        Another option would be the 2-node version of IBM x3850 X5 that also can have 160 logical processors and up to 6TB RAM with dual MAX5 memory expansions units.

        I’m not aware of any larger x86 configurations with modern hardware. Next update will be with Ivy Bridge-EX next year. Perhaps 64GB LR-DIMM are available then as well.

        • IBM!?!?!? I should moderate that 🙂 Remember that some of what’s done in this release is for the future.

          • Of course it’s for the future and these limits can surely be altered if they feel it’s needed.

          • Limits like this are based on testing. MSFT supports only what they can verify. Hard to test on stuff that isn’t available 🙂

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