What Impresses Me Most About the Veeam nworks Management Pack for System Center …

… is the sheer amount of information that it provides.  I previously talked about the monitoring.  That’s great for the reactive side of things.  When I managed infrastructures, I like to take some some to see who things were trending so I could plan.  That’s where reports come in handy, and there’s no shortage of those in this management pack:


On my client’s site, we had an alert about latency on a HBA in one of the hosts.  I wanted to give the client some useful information to plan VM placement using affinity rules to avoid this from happening again.  One of the cool reports allows you to create a top-bottom chart of VMs based on a specific performance metric.  The below report was created with with the VMGUEST IOPS metric and shows the top 25 disk activity VMs.


As usual with OpsMgr, the report could be scheduled for a time period, and/or saved as a web archive, PDF, word file, etc.  I like this management pack.  Sure, it is pricey (I was told over EUR400/host socket being monitored), but it’s good.  BTW, Veeam did release a 10 socket (enough for 5 hosts with 2 CPUs each) management pack for free, which is available to you under two conditions:

  1. Be a new customer to Veeam AND
    2. Be a SCOM 2012 customer (not SCOM 2007)

3 thoughts on “What Impresses Me Most About the Veeam nworks Management Pack for System Center …”

      1. ONE is basically standalone tool for realtime monitoring and management. It gets the same metrics from vSphere as this MP. If you have SCOM deployed and you are using it for physical and OS/application monitoring – MP is the way to go. If you are looking for cool, easy to deploy standalone tool for monitoring and reporting, get ONE

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