MMS 2012: Automating Data Protection And Recovery With DPM and System Center 2012

Speakers: Orin Thomas and Mike Ressler

Replication is not the same as backup.  Lose it in site A = lose it in site B.  Backup is still required.  And backup provisioning in the private cloud is a challenge cos admins don’t know what’s being deployed.

DPM is a part of system center, a part of a holistic integrated solution.  Makes it perfect for provisioning in the private cloud.

How Will The Agent Get Deployed?

  • Make it part of image
  • GPO for an OU
  • Scripting or manually
  • Use Configuration Manager
  • And probably lots more options, e.g. a runbook fired off from Service Manager

Their solution is user goes to Service Manager, creates a request, and Orchestrator runs a runbook.  Their is a DPM Integration Pack.  It’s a confusing IP apparently. 

  1. Initialize Data: Add parameters – ServerName, DatabaseName, and Type (3 types of protection group in DPM such as gold, silver, and bronze for recovery points, retention, etc).
  2. Get Data Source (renamed as Get Protection Group): Data Source Location set as protection group and select Type
  3. Get Data Source (get server ID) – choose protection server and select ServerName
  4. Get Data Source (renamed as Get Data Source ID) – DPM, Get protection server name and filter to DatabaseName to protect a single DB, could have said type = SQL to protect all DBs.
  5. Protect Data Source: Protection Group = Get Protection Group
  6. Create Recovery – Something.

Yup, it’s confusing.  Go look at the videos when the guys tweet the link.

Keep the self-service simple.  If there’s more than a few questions, the user won’t do it and they’ll blame you when data isn’t protected and it’s lost.

There’s a bunch of Service Manager stuff after this.

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