MMS Keynote Day 1: Are You Ready For The Future, Now?

It opens with a movie trailer about the IT Pro, and up jumps Brad Anderson.

Continuous services and connected devices.  For every 600 phones, 1 server is stood up to support them.  It’s 100/1 for desktops.

This year, the number of virtual OS instances will be double the number of physical instances.  The industry needs to get better and managing these rapidly deploying virtual instances.  This is a shift beyond virtualisation to cloud computing.

Their cloud definition is:

  • Pooled resources
  • Self-service
  • Elastic
  • Usage-based

Similar to NIST definition.  Cloud is not defined by location, e.g. there is public, private, and hybrid cloud.  See chapter 1 of Microsoft Private Cloud Computing for more.  If there is 1 tenant, it is private.  If there >1 tenant then it is a public cloud …. not strictly true on NIST definition, but close.

Drivers of cloud:

  • Economy
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability

No substitute for experience.  MSFT is the only company operating public and a private cloud services for their customers.

The 4 common techs are:

  • Identity
  • Virtualisation
  • Management
  • Development

Rest of session is focusing on Private Cloud = Windows Server and System Center.  We get the announcement of GA for System Center …. 2 weeks after the actual GA.  Simplification was a big focus, from licensing, to deployment, to administration. 

100,000 servers were managed by the release candidate of System Center 2012.

Fast Track

Private Cloud configurations that are certified by MSFT, provided as out of the box solutions by the likes of HP.

Agile Resource Management

Vijay Tewari comes out to demo.  vSphere 4.0 and XenServer are managed by VMM 2012.  Multi-platform clouds.  He goes through the process of doing a bare metal Hyper-V deployment on some HP DL servers via iLO.  Funny video of Vijay going to Blue Man Group and swimming while his hosts build – automation takes care of the time consuming repetitive work.

Agile Service Level Delivery

Ryan O’Hara is on stage.  We get some smooth does some demos with Service Manager reaching into the rest of System Center to deploy a service, and then OpsMgr detecting a breach of SLA so it can scale out the service automatically via VMM service template.

Back to Brad.  System Center understands the environment thanks to partner extensions.  Application monitoring gives deep insight into J2EE and .Net apps to avoid the admin VS dev finger pointing when there is a problem.

Ryan demos an app breaching SLA in OpsMgr.  Then he goes into App Monitoring to diagnose where in the code the problem is.


The MCSE is back. Ugh!  Private cloud certification. 

Windows Server 2012

Here comes the announcement.  Want to learn more

Jeff Woolsey comes out.  He’s the head PM for Hyper-V.  This is a cloud platform release.  Lots of stuff that I previously blogged.  We see shared nothing live migration in VMM 2012 SP1.  There’s a problem in the demo … the memory LM takes waaay too long for a 2 GB RAM VM.  No one seems to notice.

Now we see network virtualisation where 2 VMs have the same IP on the same cloud, but are still routing.

App Controller

A new SP1 feature where you can integrate with any hoster that offers the service.  You can integrate your cloud with their private cloud and deploy services in their public cloud.

The Microsoft Private Cloud

  • All about the app
  • Cross platform from the metal up
  • Foundation for the future
  • Cloud on your terms

Winners lead, don’t follow.

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