Are You vmLimited Like Tad? Go Ahead Punk, Make Me Laugh & Pay Your vTax


Meet Tad, he’s a salesman for vmLimited, a company that cannot see beyond virtualisation. 



As any decent IT pro knows, the thing that the company cares about is not that tiny little virtualisation layer, but they do care greatly about the LOB apps that run on the virtualisation platform.  What does Tad think of that?

If you think you’re a cool a cat as Tad thinks he is, then maybe you should get to know him a little more by buying one of his blast-to-the-past tapes:


So if you don’t care about the app, if you cannot see beyond virtualisation, if you want to pay not just more, but to be paying a crippling vTax, if you don’t give a damn about the business, and if you can find them, then maybe vmLimited is the platform for you!  How A-Team is that!  I’d sure hate to be a decision maker making that unwise move!

Alternatively, you might want to check out System Center 2012 and where Windows Server 8 Hyper-V is bringing us in just a few months … beyond virtualisation.


On a serious note, the VMware approach reminds me of what I had to work with in the 1990’s … buy up a bunch of systems management point solutions in a short period of time, stuck a –IT on the end of the name, or an A+, or a v- in front of it, call it a framework, say it’s integrated (the logos are changed and grouped together [maybe]) and Bob’s your Uncle.

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