Use PowerShell To Reconfigure Dynamic Memory in All Hyper-V VMs

I wanted to get more VMs onto my Windows Server 8 Hyper-V lab, so I wanted to change my Dynamic Memory settings in my virtual machines.  I don’t have the patience to edit every VM.  PowerShell to the rescue:

Get-VM * | Set-VMMemory -DynamicMemoryEnabled $True -MaximumBytes 8GB -MinimumBytes 256MB -StartupBytes 512MB

This script gets every VM on this host, passes through the VM via the pipe into the Set-VMMeory cmdlet, and then reconfigures the Dynamic Memory settings that I care about.  Time required by editing & running this in ISE: 1 minute.

4 thoughts on “Use PowerShell To Reconfigure Dynamic Memory in All Hyper-V VMs”

  1. This makes me wonder if Server 8 (the host) has any kind of default safe guard to make sure the VMs don’t use up 100% of the memory…

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