Buying A Touch Screen Or All-In-One PC Now For Windows 8? Be Careful

When I walk into a PC store I’m seeing touch enabled PCs, usually all-in-ones, more and more on the shelves.  I’m betting that some people are buying with Windows 8 in mind.

I was talking with some MVPs about this last week and one of them brought up a really good point.  Much of what we do in Windows 8 touch devices such as getting the charms bar, the app bar, bringing up the start screen, or switching apps, is done by swiping from the “magic pixel”; that’s the extreme edge of the screen.

Question: If the screen has a thick bezel, then how exactly do you touch that pixel on the edge?  Do you use a stylus (yuk!), do you squeeze your little finger in there?  Sounds kind of icky to me.  The suggestion I got was to ensure that if you do by a touch screen then make sure that the bezel is flush with the screen, just as it would be with a tablet or slate PC.

Other things to watch out for:

  • The resolution should be a minimum of 1366 * 768 – shouldn’t be a problem for a PC monitor
  • It should support 5 or more touch points
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