SQL Server 2012 RTM

I read yesterday that SQL Server 2012 had RTMd.  It’s not on MSDN yet.  The online launch event is later today at 16:00 GMT.  There’s lots more information about this new release on TechNet.  There’s a lot of new features, way too many for me to cover here, but the best one might be AlwaysOn.  That’s a new database (or group of databases) availability feature, similar to DAG in Exchange. 

Please take note that SQL 2012 licensing is very different from what you are used to and there is a migration path for those with Software Assurance/upgrade rights.

Before you go upgrading your SQL, make sure that your products support SQL Server 2012.  Don’t just go assuming that they will, e.g. System Center.


SQL 2012 general availability will be April 1st.  Please, no jokes Smile

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