Hyper-V Server 8 Beta

I’ve been asked, and I’ve seen others are asking, about the future of Hyper-V Server and if there will be a Hyper-V Server 8.  I can confirm that, yes, there will be.  In fact you can get the beta here.

Hyper-V Server 8 is the free Hyper-V product, that includes all the functionality of Hyper-V and Failover Clustering.  The market for it is actually very small.  If you have 4 or more Windows VMs, and if you license them correctly and legally, it’s actually cheaper to license the host (and avail of the virtualisation rights) to license the VMs (BTW, the license is always assigned to the host even if you think you licensed a VM, and Windows volume licenses can only move once every 90 days). 

However, a small percentage benefit from Hyper-V Server, including those doing VDI or Linux virtualisation.

4 thoughts on “Hyper-V Server 8 Beta”

  1. Hello Aidan, I’m intrigued by this post, you mean that if I have a licenced Windows Server VM running on a Hyper-V Server Host (stand-alone), it cannot be migrated to another Hyper-V standalone server host more than once every 90-days?

    1. Correct Gilberto. A Windows Server license is never assigned to a VM, it is assigned to the host, and can be moved once every 90 days. The correct way to license for mobility (e.g. Live Migration) is to use Enterprise or Datacenter licensing for the host. You should contact your LAR or distributor if you have any further questions.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply, now I more doubts, this means that a Windows Server VM running on a ESX host is…. illegal? Since the host is not licensed. Am I getting it right? Also, can a Windows Server VM legally be running on top of a Hyper-V Server standalone server host?
        Sorry for this other questions, maybe those are pretty basic stuff, but I want to get it right. Thanks Aidan.

        1. Windows virtualisation licensing hasn’t changed since 2004 and is the same no matter what virtualisation product you use. That’s why we refer to vSphere as a vTax. Please talk to an official and qualified LAR or distributor if you have any questions.

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