Some More Windows 8 On ARM (WOA) News

Here’s a follow up to this morning’s initial WOA post.  That Build Windows post was another Sinofsky classic (l-o-n-n-n-g-g) so I think we’ll be spending quite some time piecing it all together.  It also appears that Sinofsky has done a number of interviews/conferences that add more detail.

The first is via Mary Jo Foley who says that Ina Fried said that:

… the only Desktop Apps that will be allowed on the Desktop on Windows on ARM will be Office 15 and elements of the Microsoft operating system.

Interesting.  That reinforces the point that if you want an app to run on WOA, it must be a Metro app, and you must download/buy it from the Microsoft online store.  But, we know that Metro app will work on

Mary Jo also says that WOA will release simultaneously with the x86/x64 editions of Windows 8.  That is surprising to me.  Everything we had heard said it would be much later.  That made sense to me because we’re talking about a new compile and a new type of hardware for many manufacturers.  I guess the likes of Samsung, Asus, etc, all have plenty of experience in the Android space that can carry over.  And I guess MSFT’s own testing must have gone very well (if you’ve read Showstopper then you know have a tiny clue on how they stress this stuff).

EDIT #1:

And just as I post, Simon Bisson posted his story on a Sinofsky phone conference.  Simon says that Microsoft:

… plans to bundle its own Metro-style applications on ARM devices, including Mail, Calendar, Photo Gallery, Storage and a set of media players. All applications — including those from third-party developers — will be delivered from Microsoft’s app store or via Windows Update, with no other ways to install code.

He adds that Sinofsky confirmed:

All the updates — whether it’s for firmware, drivers or apps — will only come through the Windows Update or Microsoft Update infrastructure and the store.

As for the upcoming Consumer Preview:

… will only be for Intel and AMD hardware.

Don’t get stressed about trying to get one of the new WOA “TAP” tablets.  Odds are we’ll see leaked images soon enough.  Apparently the devices are very rough and ready, just enough for developers to get working and testing and not consumer ready at all.

Check out Simon’s post for more info.

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