Best Hyper-V Marketing Ever … By VMware … Makes Me Busier Than I’ve Been In Years

I’ve said more than enough about the VMware licensing fiasco from the Summer.  It turns out, that interest in Hyper-V (and System Center) by partners and customers is higher than ever.  And that’s made me busier than ever.  In the past 6 or so weeks I’ve done:

  • 4 corners tour of Ireland road show
  • Countless meetings
  • 3 Hyper-V Immersion events (1 day of crash course education) with 80+ people at each in Dublin.
  • Developed and delivered a bespoke Hyper-V/VMM training course
  • Presented at E2E on Hyper-V (current and future)
  • Done consulting on OpsMgr and ConfigMgr
  • And somewhere in there is a couple of chapters for a book

And between all that and a lull in Hyper-V news, not much blogging was done.  I’ve just had my last scheduled meeting of 2011 and things are quieting down as we head towards the Christmas break.  I’m trying to do a bit of catch up tonight.  I’ve got lab gear on the way for getting into the new stuff.  We’re told a Windows 8 beta is coming in/around the end of Feb.  And that’ll mean there’ll be lots more to talk about.

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