Upcoming Events I’m Speaking At

Here’s some of the events I’m either attending and presenting at.  I’d recommend attending these event is you can, despite me being there Smile

E2E London 2011

Once again, experts in all kinds of virtualisation technologies will be gathering to share their knowledge at this super-economic mini-conference. I’ll be talking Hyper-V as usual with a 45 minute and a 900 seconds session. Some other MVPs and Microsoft virtualisation experts from around Europe will be there presenting. And as usual, there will be lots of Citrix, VMware and common virtualisation technology sessions.

I’ll be doing two presentations. One will be a brain dump on what’s coming in Windows Server 8 Hyper-V. I say "brain dump" because this topic could do with an entire day and not just a session. My second session will be on the subject of CSV design and backup.

Hyper-V Community Event Amsterdam

Lots of Hyper-V and System Center people will be speaking at this event run by the Hyper-V.nu crew in the Netherlands. Speakers include me, Hans Vredevoort, Ronald Beekelaar, Jaap Wesselius, Peter Noorderijk, Maarten Wijsman and Robert Bakker. Hopefully the place won’t blow up cos that’s a lot of the Hyper-V online community right there!

I’ll be talking about the new networking features of Windows Server 8 Hyper-V.

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