Windows Server 8 Host Maximums

Microsoft posted the host maximums for Windows Server 8 (2012) early this morning in a blog entry that includes a bunch of other cloud information.

  • 160 logical processors per host
  • 2 TB of memory per host
  • 32 virtual processors per virtual machine
  • 512 GB of memory per virtual machine

Maximum numbers usually aren’t be a big worry for 99.99% of us except for those who get caught up in pointless “Top Gear Trumps” verbal spats with VMware fans.  Lets just assume that both platforms have sufficient capacities for what almost everyone need.

The number that probably mean the most, though, are 32 vCPUs per VM.  There are times when there’s a physical machine that is CPU heavy that you want to virtualise (for reasons other than just consolidation), and this will enable that.

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