Press Release by The Great Big Hyper-V Survey from #bldwin on Windows 8 Replica

The following press release has just been posted on The Great Big Hyper-V Survey site … oh yes, we now have a site Smile

Build Windows Conference, Anaheim, CA, 2011: Hours before the keynote to announce the features of Windows 8, The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2011 has released its findings. The results related to disaster recovery and business continuity were of great interest:

  • Over 73% of organizations do not replicate their virtualized IT and application infrastructure to a secondary site for disaster recovery.
  • Over 91% of respondents were already greatly interested in Hyper-V Replica.

The Great Big Hyper-V Survey was conducted by three Microsoft Valuable Professionals (MVPs), Aidan Finn (Virtual Machine) in Ireland, Hans Vredevoort (Failover Clustering) in The Netherlands, and Damian Flynn (Virtual Machine) also in Ireland. It asked a series of questions to determine how people deployed Microsoft’s enterprise virtualisation technology and IT/application management solutions.

“It is clear that many small to medium business acknowledge the need to protect their business against a disaster”, said Aidan Finn. “Disasters like those in New Orleans can damage a larger business, but they can destroy a smaller one. The issue has been the complexity and cost of implementing the technology for a business continuity solution. The demonstration of Windows 8’s Hyper-V Replica has generated a substantial amount of interest because it takes advantage of virtualization’s decoupling of the application from hardware, not to mention that it will be a built in feature of Windows Server at no extra cost”.

It is expected that more details of this solution will be announced this week at Microsoft’s Build Windows Conference in Anaheim (CA) and in the coming weeks and months.

The findings of the Great Big Hyper-V Survey can be found at

This press release can be downloaded from here, a report is available for download. You can also download the raw data.

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