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In case you’ve been hiding under a rock over the past 2 years, Windows 8 is on the way.  There’s been no end of speculation as we get closer to the feature announcements and revelations at the Build Windows Conference in Anaheim (LA), USA, next week.  The hype has truly started, and the giddiness by geeks (like me) has been fuelled by the blog posts giving us little snippets of information.

Next week is when we Windows nerds go into overdrive.  Build Windows will be the venue when all sorts of Windows 8 information will be officially revealed to the public.  It’s primarily aimed at developers (replacing PDC) and hardware vendors, but it will also be the site of a bunch of reveals for us IT Pros.  The agenda is secret, and only a few of the speakers are publicly known.

I am lucky – I am going.  My job is to work with Irish Microsoft partners on System Center, Forefront, and virtualisation (Hyper-V).  And I am also involved in a lot of more general Windows work, e.g. working with partners selling Windows 7.  And the powers that be decided it would be good for business for me to go to Build.

There will be a lot of tweeting from people that are there, who are watching sessions online (keynotes streamed live, sessions online after 1 day), or who are re-tweeting.  I might do the occasional tweet but I figure the twitterverse will be flooded by #bldwin material, and it will be impossible to follow.  So my ambition is this: I am going to try blog as much as possible, posting session notes after each session.  That will mean I’ll have a (hopefully) easy to read and complete (as much as I can) set of notes.  I’ll be attending sessions that the IT Pro will be itnerested in – you won’t see much in the way of javascript from me 🙂 I know; some of you with blue badges are now worried.  Don’t be; I’ll be doing factual recording only.

You will be able to find all of my blog posts from Build here.

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