HP WebOS Going Away (Already) and Trying to Sell PC Biz

HP have decided that Google have had too much news headlines this week.


Fresh on the awful news of sales for their WebOS (Palm) TouchPad tablets, it’s just been announced by HP that they are ending operations of WebOS.  And that’s a day or two after they started selling their Pre3 WebOS powered phone in Europe! 

The news of tablet sales were awful.  It didn’t have a chance.  Apple dominates.  Business is waiting for Windows 8.  Android tablets (an open OS) aren’t selling that well.  RIM proved that a new closed device with no app environment would have the lifespan of a fat Turkey in December.  And HP fattened up and walked straight into the butcher shop.

Bye bye HP WebOS!

PC/Consumber Division

HP has announced that they are looking to “spin off” the PC business.  That’s business and consumer stuff on the desk.  Personally speaking, I prefer HP desktops/laptops because of their build quality and ease of management in relation to software and drivers in the business.  I hate Lenovo (quite poor here compared to what I hear from American friends), and although Dell has a good business, I think the build quality of PC’s’/laptops isn’t as good – which is important for devices that users are bashing about. 

On TWiT Windows Weekly, Mary-Jo Foley suggested that maybe Samsung would buy the division.  Maybe.  And maybe it’ll be spun off/IPO’d as a new Compaq.

Oh – HP are also buying some UK software company called Autonomy.  I guess they want to be the next IBM.  Eeek!


Last year there were rumours about HP’s tablet plans.  Originally, the tablet was to run Windows.  Then HP “knew better” and went exclusively with WebOS.  Well, Windows 7 tablets … you know my opinion on that – wait for 8.  But investion millions/billions of dollars on WebOS, a no app OS, I think everyone knew that had no future.  Shareholders should be furious.

And as for HP in the phone market … oh come on!  I evaluated one of those back around 2004.  We had to clip a keyboard onto the bottom of it to use a “keyboard” Smile  We ended up buying XDA (remember them?) III’s instead.

4 thoughts on “HP WebOS Going Away (Already) and Trying to Sell PC Biz”

  1. This is really too bad. I used to have a Palm Z22. It was, for back then, amazing. When I got my ipod touch (a mistake I deeply regret), I was actually was quite dissapointed – it was missing some functionality that the Palm Z22 had. I’m dissapointed to see Palm go. Their WebOS system was actually full of potential. And for those who say it is a no app OS, well, buddy, Apple’s iOS (or iPhone OS, back in the days), started as a no app OS. It’s advertising. WebOS was never properly marketed. Goodbye, Palm.

    1. the key to generating an app ecosystem is to court the developers. apple, google, ans msft have done this. i cant say the same for hp or rim.

  2. Great information…. We had this tablet on our list of hardware to review for our school district. I am happy that I had someone link me your page and read the above information.

    The killing of this one happened rather fast.

    Did it need to be killed during RD, I think so after reading the above information. When a product is killed this fast, it leaves questions with how dedicated HP really was on selling a tablet. HP selling off the desktop and along with it the tablet, this was not an overnight decision. Not one that was just decided in the last couple of months and so close to the release of the HP tablet. With the tablet being on the market for a short amount of time, it never had a chance. We selected to review the HP tablet for the hardware features it is providing, but I think HP knew it had a short shelf life even before taking the first pre-order.

    Am very happy I did not spend the schools money to get one of these, but I hope someone buys the desktop business from HP. And if this happens, they need to take a page out of Apples playbook and make the hardware work for the schools. The age for technology to enter our schools and educational systems is well over-do and needs to happen for all students. Personally, I want to see some cool stuff come from these young minds and have it become my next cool toy or gadget when I am old and gray (or grey if you are on the wrong side of the pond).

    Only those that are at HP know the truth and timeframe for when the HP tablet was being killed, but the investor and early adopters are left with a dead horse without a foreseeable application store that was promised to them.

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