IaaS Cloud Customers Not Implementing Required Security

I just read on Tech http://dlvr.it/XK5wQ Central that customers of Amazon EC2 are not implementing basic or recommended security configurations. Whoare these guys? They are software developers who are bypassing IT. In my experience they usually have no concept of IT security. Heck, they often can’t even do the basics like sizing the virtual machines that they need. So how can anyone expect that they understand some of the most difficult stuff thwt IT pros do on a daily basis?

This causes the obvious security issues. Firewalls, patching, version control, hardening … none of that gets done. Ask Sony how the wrong sort of headlines impact on company profile. And consider things like IT governance, regulatory compliance, and data protection.

IT needs to be involved in any technology project because they are the security experts. The business needs their flexibility … so give them their private cloud.

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