Microsoft Exchange Online Services Unbundled

This post is as much for me as anyone else – the array of products from Microsoft is mind boggling.

Once upon a time, Microsoft launched Exchange Hosted Services.  Based on the name alone, it sounded like Microsoft were now hosting Exchange mailboxes, like some of their hosting customers had already been doing.  But no, it was in fact a service that provided:

  • Online filtering of spam and malware
  • Archiving
  • Limited mailbox DR
  • Web portal
  • Mail encryption

Then along came BPOS (the product naming team strikes again) and that included mailbox hosting.  At least that’s been renamed to Office 365 –> but I’m encountering a lot of people who thing that’s just an alternative to the Office you install on your PC!

You can subscribe to a bunch of online services for Exchange

Exchange Hosted Services is still sold as a bundle including those 3 products.

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