RemoteApp for Hyper-V

I’ve either completely forgotten this application compatibility solution or it escaped by my attention.  RemoteApp for Hyper-V is a VDI solution that allows you to publish apps from the following VDI VM guest operating systems to end users via RDP:

  • Windows XP SP3: Professional
  • Windows Vista SP1 and above: Enterprise and Ultimate
  • Windows 7: Enterprise and Ultimate

You can set it up in a “standalone” format where you manually create VMs, RDP files, and configure end user machines.  Alternatively you can create a full RDS VDI farm, using the RD Connection Broker. 

This product isn’t as manageable as a normal RDSH (session host) RemoteApp solution but it sure seems like a better (manageable) way to do appcompat than XP Mode (which is cheaper), thanks to the centralisation of VMs that can be easily deployed via SCVMM/SCE/or Hyper-V import/copy.

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