Welcome to Veeam!

Today, Veeam has become a sponsor of this site.  Veeam are best known as the guys who make backup work on VMware’s virtualisation platform.  I became aware of them on the Minasi forum.  Anytime there was a question about backup on VMware, most of the answers were Veeam.  But they are much more than that …

Veeam are one of those companies that get that management is critical on a virtualisation platform.  Check out their product portfolio and you’ll see that Veeam understand that there is more to management than the virtualisation layer.

If you are on their site, you will see that Veeam have something big to announce in 12 days.  Curiouser and curiouser 🙂

And … shhh … but did you know that you can use System Center with VMware?  Yup!  Veeam have a slice of that pie too.  So check out the award winning Veeam to see what they can offer you.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Veeam!”

  1. Man, I really hope it’s their Backup & Rep product for Hyper-V. I’ve been waiting on that product for so long. We eventually couldn’t wait any longer and had to use Backup Exec, but Veeam looked awesome for VMware stuff.

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