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I first became an MVP with a Configuration Manager expertise.  It was kind of odd timing; I had done quite a bit of writing and blogging on it but not in a while; I’d actually moved on to Hyper-V at the time!  That was because I was working in the hosting space where there were no desktops to manage, and, well, hosters do everything on the “cheap” because it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there!

But I love ConfigMgr.  Sure it’s big, and yes you can sometimes find your head is swimming with all the options that it has.  But if you’re an IT megalomaniac like I am, then you’ll love having the ability to know everything about your infrastructure and be able to effect change whenever you want.  You can even do mad things like creating a recurring advertisement to play the sound of a nuclear explosion or kill OUTLOOK.EXE/NLNOTES.EXE on the PC of some user that has annoyed you … not that I would do that myself or recommend that you do it either!  It will leave an audit trail.  You’re better off using task scheduler or Remote Desktop Services Manager to do that sort of thing.

Anyway …

ConfigMgr 2012 will be out later this year and Jeff Wettlaufer has been recording some videos to demonstrate the functionality of it, including how the new user-centric features work.

Once you’re done there, head on over to Windows-Noob to see what Niall C. Brady (ConfigMgr MVP) has been writing on ConfigMgr 2012.  He’s been at it since beta 1.

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