Lync Server 2010 and Dynamic Memory

Following the Exchange Server and SQL Server posts, I thought I’d look at Lync Server 2010 next.  What’s the story with it and Dynamic Memory.  After much Googling, and eventually Binging, I found a document on Microsoft’s site called Server Virtualization in Microsoft Lync Server 2010.  There is one brief section on Dynamic Memory:

“Dynamic memory has not been validated with Lync Server 2010 workloads, and specific guidance cannot be provided”.

In other words, they haven’t tested it.  That’s the latest I could find.  I’m asking some contacts in MS to see if they can find anything that might have been published since by the Lync group.  Untested can be interpreted as unsupported.  But the Lync group didn’t care to be clear on that in the above document!  I’ll update/edit this post if I am corrected.


^$%*(£!  I had a gut feeling I should do a bit more digging in that Lync virtualisation doc and found:

“Quick Migration and Live Migration with Lync Server 2010 workloads have not been validated by the product group at this point”.

Again … I’m interpreting that as a lack of support for making a Lync VM highly available.  That’s based on my experience dealing with MS CSS.  If something goes wrong, they’ll find that statement and present it to you, forcing you to change your configuration before they will progress the call.  Once again, I’ll be happy to be corrected with more recent information if it exists.  And before you VMware-heads start jumping with joy, Live Migration = VMotion in MS’s point of view.

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  1. A quick update: I’ve had it confirmed from within MS that there is no statement from the Lync group regarding support or lack of support for Dynamic Memory other than the above “not validated” (aka not tested) statement.

    If you have an issue then there’s a good chance that the CSS agent will consider the lack of a clear statement to be an issue, and you may be told to disable Dynamic Memory for Lync VMs that they may be troubleshooting for you. For that reason, I would suggest that you might want to ensure you have enough physical RAM available to do that and supply the required amount of static amount of RAM to the affected VM(s).

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