Nice Feedback is Soup for the Soul

I think I’ve mentioned before that writing a book is hard work.  To be honest, when you’re going through the 3rd and 4th edit, you sometimes start to wonder if it’s all worth it or not. 

But then when you get positive feedback, sometimes by email or by Twitter, it can perk you up quite a bit.  Here’s a little sample of that for Mastering Hyper-V Deployment:

“… thank you for your awesome Hyper-V blog- it has really helped me get moving on Hyper-V. I purchased your book, Mastering Hyper-V Deployment earlier this week and found that to be even more valuable” – Paul

“… read it for the book review and I must say it is great” – Carsten

“…Great book” – Michael

“Handing out 16 copies of Aidan Finn’s Mastering Hyper-V Deployment book to the students of my #hyperv course” – @hvredevoort

Then there is the feedback on Amazon where Mastering Hyper-V Deployment is averaging 5 stars:

“Just got the book and reading half way through. A well written book with a lot of good explanation and diagram to assist user to understand the hyper v deployment. Keep up the good work” – Lai Yoong Seng

“The book has proven to be a big timesaver because it (1) cuts through the bureaucracy of the Microsoft-provided documentation and the hours researching product information on the web and (2) it covers details that will help me avoid problems later.  This is one of the few network admin books I have read cover-to-cover.” – S. Tsukuda

I found this book to be a very easy read and overall it had a great flow. Being an IT professional, I have read a lot of technical books and most are tough to read cover to cover. I had no issues reading through Mastering Hyper-V Deployment because Aidan’s style of writing is natural and he writes at a technical level that can translated by anyone, not just a Hyper-V expert. I highly recommend purchasing this book if you are planning to deploy Hyper-V R2 or have already done so.” – A. Bolt

“Best of all, you’ll get almost all the answers to the questions you’ve been thinking about. It’s all about details, but it’s always easy to get into it. You’ve been asking to yourself whether you should use snapshot on a VM running SQL ? the answers found from different sources on internet may be confusing you. In this book you’ll learn why not to use it or when you should use it and how to avoid any problem doing it among many other details to be aware of.” – Thomas Lally

“Appropriate for all Hyper-V users from the beginner to the expert, it goes beyond deployment and is definitely the administrator’s aid and if using guidance here your Hyper-V solution should remain in good shape.” – Virtualfat

“This is an excellent introduction to Hyper-V which is Microsoft’s Enterprise Software Solution. I particularly like the way the book is laid out, it is similar to a project plan to assist you if you were deploying your own Hyper-V project.  There is lots of very good information contained and this book is an asset to anyone who is planning a Hyper-V Deployment.” – Mr. J. Kane

One of the more interesting comments have been reported to me (from two independent sources) was from the Microsoft European HQ in Reading, UK.  Some of the Microsoft consultants there have stated that they thought Mastering Hyper-V Deployment was the best Hyper-V book they’ve read, including those from MS Press.  It would be an understatement to say that put a smile on my face!

Credit for the quality of Mastering Hyper-V Deployment must also be shared with the editors from Sybex, Hans Vredevoort (technical editor), and Patrick Lownds (co-author).

Last year was tough.  I was getting pretty tired of the editing process as we circled the end of Mastering Windows 7 Deployment.  I pushed through and eventually it was released a few weeks ago.  Today I got this nice message on Twitter from @miamizues

“Your co authored book on windows 7 deployment is our departments new bible, thank you”.

I was just a part of a big team of people who wrote, edited, and reviewed that book, but that was especially nice to hear.

Thank you to those concerned for taking the time to pass on or share the nice words.

And there are also plenty of online and in-person friends/colleagues who’ve said some nice things and supported me.  You know who you are and thank you!

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