SCVMM 2008 R2 SP1 RC

Microsoft has released a release candidate (pre-release testing only) version of Service Pack 1 for System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008 R2.  This adds support for managing Windows Server 2008 R2 (W2008 R2) Hyper-V hosts that have Service Pack 1 installed.  In other words, it will include support for RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory.

Note that the service pack for VMM includes all previously released fixes for VMM.

VMM 2008 R2 SP 1 will use updated PRO management packs.  It cannot use the pre-SP1 management packs.

The upgrade process:

  • Backup the VMM database.
  • Run the upgrade wizard on the VMM server.
  • Upgrade any self-service portals and administrator consoles.
  • Refresh hosts/libraries in the administrator console.
  • Hosts will show “Needs Attention”.  Upgrade the agent using VMM admin console actions pane.

OpsMgr PRO integration upgrade process:

  • Update the VMM administrator console on the management server
  • From MS: “Upgrade all management packs with names that begin with “System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008”. To upgrade the management packs, select Import MP and select all the management packs in the amd64VirtualizationMP folder on the product CD for import”
  • On the VMM server, launch the VMM PowerShell console to run this command:
  • Set-VMMServer -OpsMgrServer <OpsMgrServerName>.  That will force a rediscovery of the OpsMgr root management server (RMS).

Dynamic Memory impacts VM placement as follows:

  • A host will have a zero rating (blocking the migration) if the VM has dynamic memory and the host does not.
  • If a running VM is allocated with X MB of RAM then the destination host must have at least X MB free.
  • If a stopped VM is migrated then the destination host must have at least the startup amount of RAM of the VM.
  • If a VM is in a saved state then the startup/last allocated amount of RAM is used to figure out if the destination host has enough RAM.

RemoteFX impacts VM placement as follows:

  • A host will have a zero rating (blocking the migration) if the VM in question uses RemoteFX and the host is not capable.
  • A RemoteFX enabled host will have a zero rating if it does not have enough GPU (graphics processing unit) RAM capacity for the VM’s requirements.
  • A running VM migration will be blocked if the destination host doesn’t have the same GPU as the source host.  A saved state VM can be migrated to a host with a different GPU.

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