VMware Pricing Not Helping Them Renew Contracts

If you follow any Microsoft feeds related to virtualisation then you’re bound to read this story in the next couple of days.  It describes how many UK organisations are choosing to dump VMware in favour of XenServer or Hyper-V because of VMware’s pricing.

VMware are trying to say that the costs are the same … but they aren’t.  Hyper-V is effectively free.  VMM and OpsMgr are additional costs but they are less than vSpehere and they give you a complete stack management system, rather than a virtualisation layer.  Buy the SCMS bundle and you get backup in the form of DPM and the other System Center products too!

Timing is everything.  It’s around 3 years since virtualisation really took off.  I’m told that VMware’s contracts are for 3 years.  That means that there’s an opportunity to make that move …. stick in a Hyper-V cluster with VMM, run V2V conversions, and pretty soon afterwards you’ll have a fully operational cluster at a fraction of the cost.

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