KB2230887: Dynamic Memory for W2008 Web and Standard Editions

Dynamic Memory makes use of the ability to insert memory using plug and play.  That’s something that was restricted to Enterprise and Datacenter editions of Server.  Good news: MS plans to make this available to Web and Standard editions via hotfixes and service packs.

A hotfix has been released for Windows Server 2008 Web edition and Standard edition.

“When Dynamic Memory is enabled for a virtual machine system that is running one of the following operating systems, the memory of the virtual machine does not increase after the virtual machine is started. 

  • Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition Service Pack 2 (SP2)
  • Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition Server Core SP2
  • Windows Web Server 2008 SP2 
  • Windows Web Server 2008 Server Core SP2”

Install the update, install the SP1 integration components and then you can configure DM for these VMs.

By the way, no fixes will be required for Windows Server 2003!  Windows Server 2008 R2 VM’s should be updated to SP1.

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